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And they held firm, even when Oscar’s 88th-minute goal rekindled optimism and memories of heroism from the last Champions League campaign. Chelsea will pay for the retention of Terry’s leadership services with controversies such as these and many will say it serves them right.

That the ball in the build-up to Shakhtar’s first goal appeared to ricochet off the part of Terry’s arm covered by his precious sloganeering ring of elastic will only add to the deliciousness for some.

It's successfully launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships. Shakhtar Donetsk succeeded where many, and better, have failed. Shakhtar did enough to leave the champions of Europe now contemplating a wholly underwhelming defence of their crown. Fail to win at Stamford Bridge next month and Chelsea will probably require three points as insurance in Turin. Shakhtar were sharper, quicker and quite possibly hungrier, too.They created 21 chances but, unlike Chelsea’s previous adversaries, took enough of those to make it count. We have seen Chelsea out-manoeuvred before, yet still emerge victorious. The sub-plot involved the bitter irony of a man currently serving a domestic ban for racist abuse leading out his team while wearing a captain’s armband with a UEFA-endorsed anti-racist message.The time is read from the dial by noting where the shadow cast by the vertical pin crosses hour points laid out on an ellipse.In this case, the sundial actually has two gnomons – one to track the time in the morning hours and early afternoon, and the second from late morning to evening, measuring time in half-hour increments.

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