Criss angel dating veronica

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With that being said, it must be very real between Criss Angel and girlfriend Belinda because we just saw that the magician tattooed "Beli" on his chest, which is the singer's nickname.

Just last week, we saw the star serenading the illusionist and his family.

Beli said she learned a lot working with Dwayne Johnson – and that she still keeps in touch with the […] Belinda‘s boyfriend, Criss Angel, was rushed to the hospital this weekend but all is good now.

The illusionist was rushed to a hospital Friday after he lost consciousness during his Mindfreak Live!

Televisa Espectaculos reports that the illusionist introduced the singer at one of his shows in Las Vegas as his fiancée.

Neither Criss or Beli have confirmed the news and media outlets are currently hunting for video of the moment of the show for proof.

He was a regular at the Long Island wine bar and restaurant, the Wine Gallery, where he said he "could easily clear a hundred dollars on a good night" on tips alone.

In the meantime, keep scrolling to see what they've shared so far.Clearly, this isn't just a fling between the 27-year-old pop star and 49-year-old sang "Si Nos Dejan." The magician was moved with emotion as his family clapped and cheered.He gave Belinda a kiss and proceeded to ask her to sing just one more song and said, "Do one more!Whatever you want."In the middle of her impromptu performance, Belinda made her way to Angel's mother, Dimitra Sarantakos.

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