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In my nearly 20 years experience as a Russian living in the West, I have found that almost all my fellows can be reduced to five basic types: 1) The White Russian; 2) The Sovok Jew; 3) The Egghead Emigre; 4) Natasha Gold-Digger; 5) Putin’s Expat.My background and qualifications to write on this topic? Much of the Russian community in the Bay Area (though not Sacramento!

Well, certainly there are a number of them involved in criminal and fraudulent activities.The White Russians (or “White emigres”) are the officers, officials, and intellectuals who fled their country after the Russian Revolution.Prominent examples included Zworykin (TV), Sikorsky (helicopters), and Nabokov (writer).Sacramento — the centre of manufacture of rocket engines and fuel. And then Russian emigrants searched for those cities in which already Russian communities were generated, and chose a residence more close to the former compatriots.It seems that Russian community already has become famous in California for the protests against propagation of the homosexuality practised in the American education system?

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