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EZ Sim is a spreadsheet tool that provides functionality much like that from a more sophisticated engineering analysis while being more accessible.

With EZ Sim you can: It can be difficult to track how energy is used within a building and if equipment is behaving as expected.

Over the past few years EZ Angus, based in Porterville CA, has acquired some of the breeds most elite genetics and top donor cows.

They currently run more than 650 purebred cows throughout California. 3rd EZ Angus will host there first bull sale at the Escalon Livestock Market in Escalon CA.

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Dating back to the early 1850's the EZ brand was well known in the ranching circles as a large scale commercial operation.

EZ angus was re-born in 2012, when Tim and Marilyn Callison transitioned to the purebred business with the goal of raising high quality Angus cattle.

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New Buildings Institute recently worked with Stellar Processes to acquire the management of EZ Sim software.

Hourly analysis via a time consuming modeling tool is probably more than what is needed in most cases.

EZ Sim can create useful analysis with readily available monthly information.

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