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I’ve been both a personal finance writer (for magazines like , a weekly podcast for women, by women about money.

You can subscribe, here.) That means I've had plenty of chances to learn what's right versus wrong when it comes to my finances.

Silicon Valley's Always On Network named him to its list of “Power Players in Technology Business Media,” and Jon's writing has also appeared in Fast Company, The Washington Post, Barron's, Money, Time Magazine, and New York Magazine.

Jon's lecture circuit stops include The Cato Institute, The Economic Club of Florida, The University of Kansas, and SXSW 2016.

TTM starts with a basic premise–change is a process, not an event.

This process contains distinct stages of readiness, and leverages targeted approaches to help move people forward through each stage.

It's a painstaking process—and Jean is beginning to realize that the problem may be even bigger than she expected. We didn't know it was this bad." After 12 grueling hours of work, Jean questions how serious Lisa is about getting out of debt. "I think she is lying about a number of things and I am going to call her on it—because unless she is honest with me, I can't help her."Jean develops a simple spreadsheet for Steven and Lisa to calculate their debt—step one of the Debt Diet plan.

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And the healthiest body in the world won't stay that way if we're frazzled about five figures worth of debt.

The Debt Diet, a dynamic and innovative mobile-optimized online program, was developed collaboratively by Jean Chatzky, a trusted financial author and advisor, and Pro-Change Behavior Systems, Inc., the leading experts in developing award-winning, evidence based programs based on the Transtheoretical Model (TTM).

The Debt Diet combines Jean’s actionable and sound financial advice with time-tested, theoretically grounded, behavior change strategies.

Eight out of every 10 Americans who participated in a recent poll by the American Psychological Association reported that the economy is a significant cause of stress.

And it’s no wonder given the reality of many employees’ day-to-day lives.

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