Muslim men dating outside their religion

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Rudabah Abbass is a freelance writer and producer based in Doha and London.Prior to joining Al Jazeera English, she was a producer for Channel 4 News and CNN. Her work focuses on arts and cultural issues and she has contributed articles to arts magazines in the Far East.A study by Creighton University’s Center for Marriage and Family in 1999 indicates that today roughly 40 percent of all Catholics marry non-Catholics.Most of these unions involve Catholics and other Christians (a more ecumenically sensitive term is “interchurch” marriage rather than “mixed,” which has some negative connotations).On a blustery weekend this past February, 26 people met at the Cenacle Retreat House in Chicago to reflect on the religious dimensions of marriage. What was unusual about this gathering was that it brought together Christians and Muslims who are married, engaged or seriously considering marriage.

Although no new statistics on the issue have been released since then, imams in the UK told Al Jazeera that these figures have surged in recent years.

Instead seeking partners for themselves, who are an intellectual, financial and social equal.

Radically, challenging their boundaries has meant that growing numbers are choosing to marry out their faith.

The food of those who were given revelations is lawful to you, and your food is lawful to them.

And the virtuous women from among the believers and the virtuous women from among those who were given revelations before you (are also lawful to you) when you give them their dowers, taking them in honest wedlock, not in fornication, nor as mistresses.” (5: 5) Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men, regardless of their faith or lack of it.

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