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Or ahead of my peers with a timely revival of a good old-fashioned short-sharp-shock approach?According to a new report by Demos, parents who take a traditional "tough love" approach to child-rearing are doing their offspring a favour.Find out the meaning of love, have a perfect first date, or just learn a thing or two about romance.Who says you have to be rich to plan a perfect night out with your sweetie?I love you, Lily." Far from wallowing in self-reproach, I felt wholly vindicated because I acted out of reason, not rage.I didn't raise my hand in a moment of blind fury, I did it with a clear head, because I felt it incumbent on me to follow through my threats (for once) and take decisive action, rather than embroiling myself further in a circular argument about bedtime that has pretty much been going on since 2004.The next time you're feeling romantic, pick from one of these cheap and fun date ideas.You'll only need a little bit of cash (and maybe a little bit of love) to have a great time.

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Dack is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC), nationally certified counselor and relationship coach.VH1 Tough Love tries to show them what they are doing wrong, and what a man's point of view is.Alleged "master matchmaker" Steve Ward is the host of VH1's latest dating show brainchild, who wants to teach eight apparently hopeless women how to date., Jeramy and Jerusha Clark offer an overview of a teen's brain from a neurological perspective, sharing insights on your teen's emotions and the impact of puberty and hormones.The Clarks give practical advice on resolving conflict with your teen, handling disrespect and helping your teen navigate peer pressure.

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