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Reports of inappropriate content or copyright infringement can be directed to [email protected] death is inevitable, then all we can do is die and hope for the best. Many respectable scientists now believe that humans can overcome death and achieve immortality through the use of future technologies. The first way we might achieve physical immortality is by conquering our biological limitations—we age, become diseased, and suffer trauma.The Immortality Institute (Imm is an international, not-for-profit, membership-based organization ("501-3-c status" in the United States).Its mission is "to conquer the blight of involuntary death".Both Western Sinologists and Chinese scholars themselves have distinguished—since Han times (206 ).

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More strictly defined, Daoism includes: the ideas and attitudes peculiar to the of the Dao; and those who identify themselves as Daoists.

"Digital immortality," he says, "is about there being a silicon you for when the physical you dies" as a kind of "Plan B if bioscience fails to deliver an actual biological immortality".

And of course, he adds, biological immortality would not stop you being run over by a bus."So your brain is scanned and your essence uploaded into a digital form of bits and bytes, and this whole brain emulation can be saved in a computer's memory banks ready to be brought back to life as an avatar in a virtual world like Second Life, or even in the body of an artificially intelligent robot that is a replica of who we were."For Cave, though, this "is not true immortality" as "you physically die" and this new you, "even though its behaviour could fool your mum", is then just a copy.

We know that we can further increase our life-span by restricting calories, and we increasingly understand the role that telomeres play in the aging process.

We also know that certain jellyfish and bacteria are essentially immortal, and the bristlecone pine may be as well.

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