The 47 ultimate underground online dating guide pdf cydia not updating hackulous

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Someone who is just learning this stuff or completely lost would love this book and would rate this at 4-5 stars.2016, DCS International, 237 pages.

A bit of background first: I’ve been reading Blackdragon’s (real name Caleb Jones) dating blog since late 2014, when I decided I needed to improve my horrible results from online dating.

I bought this out of curiosity just to see what someone else knew as I am always learning and making tweaks to the online dating stuff.

If you want a how-to manual this covers it all and is something to get. I already have that knowledge base, so it didn't teach me anything substantial from the book.

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Don't let the 3 stars mislead you as that is my personal view for me.

It's a pretty solid book and covers everything you need to know about online dating and goes into great depth on the subject matter .

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