Updating a form in ms access

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I have 3 forms: 1 main one displaying the contents of a table and 2 unbound forms which serve for adding fields and updating fields.I managed to make the unbound form add new records using an SQL query.If after trying this example, you receive a "not defined" error on the "Dim db as Database" declaration, you will need to follow some additional instructions.I have created a input form that enters a number in a talble.

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If you select Payment Total then that will be your Control Source.

Then tell the form to populate the box from the unbound text box in an Event Procedure.

Sorry I don't have time for more, but if no one else chimes in I will finish later.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, you’ll need to unzip it to a memorable place – we’re going to need it in just a second. Outlook will default to a basic form for our selected table, displayed in the aptly named in the top-right of the screen and voilà!

Before we can create our Access Form, we will have to import our database. Your database fields should now be populated with glorious US Senator Contact Information. You have created a very basic, visually unappealing form – but this forms the basis of our customisable database interface.

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