Updating the operating system

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Submit a ticket to the ITS Support Center for assistance to make sure you are able to receive and install updates as appropriate.Some general guidelines: Restarting your computer: Some updates require you to restart your computer for them to go into effect, and you may not be notified when this is the case.Having the latest software version means your computer or device will be not only be more secure but will also perform better and be more reliable. See also: Updating Your Computer (Win 7) and Windows Update FAQ (Win 8) and Windows 10 (Nov update) FAQ.Follow these best practices to stay protected: If your computer alerts you to the availability of new critical system updates, don't ignore them. Windows computers can get critical system updates from the Microsoft Update website. Apple computers can get critical system updates from the Apple Support Downloads website.Today, patch installation generally occurs automatically. Most programs, including Operating Systems such as Micrsoft Windows and Linux can update themselves via the Internet with very little or no intervention on the part of users.Security patches are the primary method of fixing security vulnerabilities in software.UCSC's Minimum Network Connectivity Requirements require devices connected to the campus network to run versions of operating system and application software for which security updates are made available.

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Microsoft periodically releases security patches for its Windows Operating System, as do all of the other vendors on the market.It doesn't take much to keep your computer lean and mean.In fact some of the best solutions are free and take little to no time as long as they are done prior to the problems that plague computers today.Currently Microsoft releases their security patches once a month, and other operating systems and software projects have security teams dedicated to releasing the most reliable software patches on a very regular basis.Patch Tuesday is usually the second Tuesday of each month, on which Microsoft releases security patches.

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