Who is harry styles dating

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Sources say that Abigail was in fact Harry’s first-ever girlfriend, which is believable given that they were only 12 at the time!

These days, Abigail remains out of the spotlight and enjoys traveling, emojis, and The Weekend.

Last week saw the release of the first full trailer for Christopher Nolan’s new epic war film, Dunkirk. Since you are curious, we’ve prepared a handy-dandy Harry Styles dating timeline, including who he’s dated and who he may be dating now.

With that trailer, we also got the briefest of glimpses of One Direction heartthrob, Harry Styles! Harry Styles has had a number of girls in his life over the years and like most celebrities, the first few are just girls he knew. But as we know, first love doesn’t necessarily mean last love, and the next batch is where we start getting into some noteworthy names!

Apparently, they broke up while on holidays together, which must have been incredibly awkward.

According to , a British tabloid magazine, Felicity, now 22, claims to have bee Harry’s “first love” and that their relationship lasted “just under one year”.According to a source that spoke to People, Kendall was "beaming all night" and "they'r Things seemed to be hotting up with the pair once again after they spent last New Years Eve together but the couple called time not heir relationship after just a couple of months after Harry apparently spent the night with a stylist called Pandora Lennard at his Hampstead Heath house in North London, despite seemingly confirming his romance with reality star Kendall just one month earlier in January.The plot thickens because Harry then jetted off to Los Angeles to attend a mutual friend’s party with Kendall in West Hollywood - where it’s rumoured she stormed out only an hour after meeting up with him at the big do! A source claimed that the fling is what led to Kendall and Harry cooling things off between them, "Harry doesn’t want to settle down so he would never get a serious girlfriend during this phase of his life. “Harry and Kendall have got back together before but, in her eyes, it’s very much off at the moment and he’s arguing it was never even really on." “It doesn’t look good for Kendall and Harry. As One Direction is in the midst of a hiatus, Harry thought he would take a brief sojourn into acting and to be quiet frank, Dunkirk isn’t a bad way to go, especially with a high-profile director, a talented group of actors including the award-winning actor, Kenneth Branagh. In 2007, he was dating a young lady named Abigail Crawshaw, who is from the same town as Harry, Redditch, Worcestershire, England. The next part of the Harry Styles dating timeline is where Harry dips his feet into the celebrity dating pool.With the coming release of such a high-profile movie, the profile of the actors involved goes up and leaves us with a big question. During his time on X Factor, Styles developed a crush on presenter, Caroline Flack.

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